Europipe 991.2 Turbo S

The exhaust has been installed yesterday as planned and wow! I understand now what you meant by "Don’t be afraid to downshift downshift downshift". First I was very impressed by how much richer and deeper it sounds at idle and low revs but then I noticed that it keeps sounding good as engine speed increases. On the stock exhaust I would usually stay below 4000 rpm if I wanted it to sound good. Above that you could hear the mechanical sound of the engine but the exhaust was quiet when off boost. So day to day, when not accelerating hard, I had no reason to go above that. Now it's a pleasure, especially if you keep going up -- at around 5000 rpm the howl comes on and gets better as you approach redline! I love having a reason to rev it up like that. Sport mode and manual PDK is a must of course!

And then there are the crackles and burbles. Much more pronounced than before, especially when lifting at higher revs. Very satisfying.

I had to grin all the way to work today and can't wait to drive home :D This is some fine engineering work! Thank you!

A. Wahling, San Francisco, California

Europipe 991.2 Turbo S

The exhaust was installed today at my dealership. They were impressed with the build (and with the sound). So far, I’ve just driven it back home from the dealer, but even that short ride was fantastic! The system provides the absolutely perfect growl and the burbles and pops when the throttle is closed are wonderful. I can’t wait to take it on a longer and more aggressive drive. Thank you so much.

Roger B, Rhode Island

Europipe 991 Turbo S

Stef, everything went very well. and I did all by myself. Not bad at all and completely happy with the sound, which is much better than straight pipe exhaust. It sounds deeper, fuller and no high pitch sound at a low RPM, which I like. In one words, Europipe sound is "RICHER" feel. The other on is noisy and chiefer sound for me.

Oh I wanted to tell you that the package and materials inside of the box is "BEAUTY" Absolutely, high end package. I love this and I see you guys take everything very seriously. Great!


Eduard S, Laguna Niguel, California

Europipe 991 Turbo S

Just picked my car up after the install. I just drove it home only a few miles away but the tone of the exhaust is outstanding. The installers, Magnum Collision, Marietta, Ga., commented on the quality of workmanship and also how it made the car sound much more exotic. Magnum is the endorsed body shop for Ferrari , Lambo, and Maserati in the metro Atlanta area. They are quite large and do very high quality work, many Porsches also. The owner also commented that he would certainly direct some business your way.

Thanks again for another high quality product and your attentiveness to detail, (product and shipping). I will always use your exhaust.

John D, Kennesaw, Georgia

Europipe 991 Turbo S

Had the exhaust installed today and love it. Just a bit louder than stock with added whistle from the turbo and crackle when releasing the gas pedal or down shifting which was exactly what i was going for. The craftsmanship on your exhaust is top notch just like others have said. Anyway thank you very much for a great product.

K. Castro, Laguna Niguel, California

Europipe 991 Turbo S

I absolutely love the sound of this Europipe exhaust. The over runs, pops, gurgles and turbo whistle are amazing. It transform the car to sound like a proper supercar. There is zero drone and inside the cabin at highway speeds it's no louder than stock. I love it. I sent a note to Park Place and let them know if any customers are on the fence and need to listen to a car in person they should not hesitate to call. I would be happy to let them listen at the dealer in person.

T. Clements, Dallas, Texas

Europipe 991 Turbo S

I love, love, love my new system! I cannot express in words how it has changed the character of the car. I'm never going to switch to another brand ever again :) a quality product from people who care! Thank you!

Abdulla A. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Europipe 991 Turbo S

I recently added the Europipe exhaust to my 991 TTS and I love it! I will try to post some videos but it sounds perfect imo. Not too obnoxious sounding which is good but sounds much better than stock. You can really hear the turbos spooling up now. Stef was awesome to deal with throughout the process as he was constantly checking in to update me on the build, shipping, and confirming the install went smoothly.

P. Karl, New York

Europipe 991 Turbo S

Porsche installed the exhaust and I could not be more pleased. The rich, deep tone at idle is an intoxicating sound, and when it opens up after you get on it truly sets the car apart. The technicians who installed it were incredibly impressed by how beautiful your exhaust is. They asked me to get on it as I left the dealership when there were about 6 or 7 guys waiting outside. It was an adrenalin rush for sure.

Thank you again,

P. Paul, Dallas, Texas

Europipe 991 Turbo S

Very melodic and tuned perfect imo for a street car with added back burble and WOT enjoyment. Can't go wrong unless you are wanting a much louder car. Personally, I wanted something similar to stock with a bit more UMPF...and i got 100% of what i was looking for.

J. Kay, Birmingham , Michigan

Europipe 991 Turbo

Just installed a Europipe on my 991 TT. Love the sound. I did quite a bit of poking around before settling on Europipe. I think it is a personal choice. Some like louder, some like deeper, some don't mind drone, some want fire******* popping sounds, etc. Tried to factor in horsepower gains, but I was told that the ECUs adapt and that reported gains are gone unless you tune the ECU. So what you are left with is sound.

It does sound amazing. I love stabbing the throttle and lifting to let the exhaust burble. People really do need to hear it. Anyone in Northern NJ on the fence, let me know. Even if you decide that it isn't for you, at least your ears helped you decide.

L. Marinuzzi, New Jersey

Europipe 997.2 Turbo S

I very much enjoy the Europipe and the obvious exhaust note but I also love the factory fit and finish, in my mind your pipe is more of an OEM piece as opposed to all the other brands and firmly believe it enhances the value of the vehicle. In other words if you're looking for exhaust for your turbo Europipe is a no brainer. Anyone that I have ever spoken to that knows Porsche exhausts gives Europipe high marks and.

Thanks again my friend

Fermin A, Gilberts, Illinois

Europipe 997.2 Turbo S

The exhaust is installed and sounds AMAZING! THANK YOU for an amazing product. It has completely transformed my car and it feels brand new. I have fallen in love with it all over again thanks to YOUR product.

O.Santos, Chicago, Illinois

Europipe 997.2 Turbo S

Everything is working well. I have to say that I’m very pleased with the exhaust.

Next week weekend, I’m hosting a Christmas party with my car friends and some of them like to try my 997 TTS to see the exhaust. Because I was telling them that car runs smoother now from low rev unlike in the past wherein I noticed a lack of power before the turbos kick in.

Thanks again!

R. Chao, Hong Kong

Europipe 997.2 Turbo S

Thank you so much for your concern for me J I am so happy with the pipe, it sounds wonderful, I love the grunt and rumble in my garage, bounces off the walls, really cool. I also like how it sounds throughout the RPM range, not obnoxious, just classy performance sound. I don’t think I will ever do a tune though, so no worries there. The car has so much HP now.

Thanks again for the great product and special customer service.

Greg L, Redondo Beach California

Europipe 997.2 Turbo S

Hello stef I had installed the exhaust today it's really perfect from all angles it has released the monster that was hidden in the car very quite when cruising and more aggressive when you play with the throttle , The sound really like the old Porsche symphony!!! I'm in love with it.

Thank you for the great job it's really nice to deal with you and your respectable company.

Mohammed A, Kuwait

Europipe 997.2 Turbo S

The system was installed yesterday and I was able to get it out canyon carving today. It sounds incredible! A perfect exhaust note with improved performance (hard to believe that it could be any better). Thank you!

JD, Denver, Colorado

Europipe 997.2 Turbo S

Picked the TT-S up from German Car Service this afternoon. Love the sound. It is perfect at idle or around town driving and perfect for hard on acceleration.

I can only rate the quality of your Europipe for the TT-S as a 100% perfect accessory. In addition to the sound being perfect the already lightning fast TT-S is even faster now. No ECU or dash lights are noted. Also, I have a friend who is a welder who stopped by the shop before I picked the car up. His only comment was 'what a fabulous weld job'. He only says that for rare weld jobs.

If you ever have a customer who would like to see an install send them my way and I will take them for a ride to see first hand what the sound and power is like.

C. Maguire, Orlando, Florida

Europipe 997.2 Turbo S

I ordered a Europipe exhaust for the TTS about two weeks ago. Stef at Europipe was a pleasure to deal with. He kept me up to date on manufacturing and shipping progress. The system arrived on the date promised.

I'm a mechanical engineer in the pharmaceutical industry, so I've seen thousands of orbital weld in stainless steel piping and equipment. The workmanship and quality of the welds on this exhaust system rivals the best.

The new exhaust sounds great, no drone in the cabin, but a great low pitchgrowl outside the car... until you floor it in sport mode- then all hell breaks loose and you get this great symphony of roaring melody.

Just a subjective impression, but the turbos seem to spool up faster and the car feels quicker, it certainly sounds better.

I can't say enough about the customer service focus of Stef and Europipe. The quality of workmanship the exhaust is superb. I feel that I really got what I paid for- it's not just about price, but about value.

M. Januszewski, Burlington, Wisconsin

Europipe 997.2 Turbo S

I had a chance to drive my car last week with the new exhaust. I am very pleased with the sound levels of your system on my turbo S. It is exactly what I was looking for and just the way you described it.

Thanks again,

C. Asplundh, Riviera Beach, Florida

Europipe 997.2 Turbo S

I had put it on for several days. All I can say is ..... I love it. The low range power pick up is very quick and throttle response is more crisp. The sound is just right for the car.

Thanks & Best Regards

C.K. Jung, Taichung City, Taiwan

Europipe 997.2 Turbo S

I must say I have been extremely impressed with your professionalism and the workmanship of the system. Installed the system on Saturday- both fit and sound quality are excellent. I would highly recommend your system and company to any Porsche owner looking to swap out their factory exhaust.

W. Parmentier, Medfield, Massachusetts

Europipe 997.2 Turbo S

I really like the new sound -- not too loud for the neighbors but a significant improvement over stock. (The stock sound has been the biggest disappointment for such an amazing car.) This is the way that car should sound!

Stefan T, Lexington, Massachusetts

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

Just thought I would drop you a note to tell you how happy I am with your system, the sound is fantastic and especially with the top down!

Eugene, Cape Town, South Africa

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

Exhaust is phenomenal as everyone else stated. Overall very happy with the whole experience and I love the sound. Let me know if you need a more formal testimonal/review. Thanks again.

Sina I, Nashville, Tennessee

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

Just wanted to let you know that the install was a success! We took our time, and although it was a bit finicky getting through some of the steps (O2 and lambda sensor harnesses in particular!), it was still a good time nonetheless.>

I am very fond of the sound! The soundclips on YouTube don't do your exhaust justice. I especially like the low pitch sound, turbo whistle, and the way it resonates at higher RPM compared to the stock exhaust.

Thanks again! I look forward to many years with this wonderful exhaust!

Ferrante G, Edmonton, Canada

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

Al at CPT was able to install the exhaust last week. It came well packed and without any issues from Fedex, so thanks again for being diligent with the shipment and packing of it, esp with it coming overseas.

Overall, the exhaust is very impressive with fit and finish, as you know. Al didn't have a single issue with the install and everything lines up to a T - again very important to me and him.

The initial cold start indeed provides a great growl and ensures you know its not a stock exhaust anymore. After it warm ups after 10 secs, etc - its does get a bit more quiet again. Driving or cruising it does not drone, which is exactly what I wanted. I use the phone alot and with Bluetooth, I didn't want to sacrifice this BT functionality if the exhaust was loud and drone'y. You can't really tell that the exhaust is there when cruising, again I like this.

However, once the car is warmed up and you want to get into the boost, you can definitely hear the turbos spool and the exhaust more or less 'rips'. It's not crazy loud/deep when it gets going, but it sounds growly and great. Esp in sport mode and getting into boost - the car performs. It's obvious that back pressure is indeed reduced and dipping into boost is much more easier to accomplish. The car breathes alot better and it shows.

I'm also happy the stock tips are to be used with the exhaust, that was also important to me since the stock tips 'flow' better with the OEM stock bumper. Overall, this exhaust is very impressive and your communication/details are a major factor in my decision making. You guys run a 1st class world-wide operations and it clearly shows.

Please let me know if you need to be a reference to anyone in the Chicago-land area. I will stay in contact should there be any issues/concerns in the future. Thanks again!

Meraj K, Melrose Park, Illinois

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

The exhaust was installed yesterday by my local Porsche dealer. All of the technicians there were in love with the quality and perfect fit and finish.

My impression? Perfect sound. No droning. From the cabin it sounds a little quiet and tame but I know its loud on the outside. I love how this thing sounds in my garage during a cold start.

Thanks again for everything Stef. You guys are the best!

Justin O, Jacksonville, Florida

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

I have received the unit on Tuesday, May 23, and I had it installed yesterday May, 24. I have to tell you I am very please with your product, it is not noisy in normal and sounds very good in sport! You saved the 997 Turbo with your exhaust system! The mechanics in garage also liked the sound from the pipe! Thank you again for the nice job!

T. Chen, Taiwan

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

I love it, it lives up to all of my expectations - menacing at cold start, a hint of things to come at idle, powerfully discrete around town and finally making the car sound like it should have from the factory when opening it up. Not too loud, not at all obnoxious, just meaty and purposeful the way 500hp from 6 cylinders should sound with a fantastic gurgle on overrun.

Many, many thanks for such a fantastic product and second to none customer service.


Martin B, Andorra

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

I have received the unit on Tuesday, May 23, and I had it installed yesterday May, 24. I have to tell you I am very please with your product, it is not noisy in normal and sounds very good in sport! You saved the 997 Turbo with your exhaust system! The mechanics in garage also liked the sound from the pipe! Thank you again for the nice job!

T. Chen, Taiwan

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

You were exactly right. The low and middle power band seems much better (less lurching in 1st) and the "growl" of the exhaust is absolutely perfect -- the 2010 997.2 was so refined that it became too "Metrosexual"-- too refined in my opinion. Your Europipe exhaust system takes my 6-speed 2010 turbo back to being more primal and it now sounds a lot more like a sports car should.

Congratulations on making and selling such a high quality exhaust system which is so much more suited to the car than Porsche's OEM system.

R. Kohr, Charlottesville, Virginia

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

The guys were very thankful of your excellent instructions & also the tools to help, very happy. Coming from a GT3 RS with an Akrapovic I was not expecting much but I am so happy, the noise in the cabin is what I wanted, but outside it’s so loud, excellent. One very happy customer & I will recommend you all the time!

Paul D, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

Finally had my Europipe sports exhaust installed today and picked my car up tonight. What a great drive home it was. The sound is just like Stef described. No loud drone inside the car, but a great Porsche symphony of sound outside. You hear all aspects of the flat six without it just being loud. Anything can be loud, but this exhaust appeases the tonal qualities of your ears. Depending on what gear you're in, you hear different notes and gurgles as you up shift or downshift.

Looking forward to taking it out this weekend.

J.S. Bauer, Connecticut

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

I got the exhaust installed on 25th as planned. Barely drove it home and flew to cologne same day and just came back yesterday. I won't be exaggerating if I tell you I feel like I just bought a new car. I have the best of both worlds now...sound and power! The sound note is even better than my old C2S with PSE!! I love the way it sounds very tame when in traffic and when cruising, and growls exactly when you want it to!

Funny thing is I am now taking the routes with more tunnels.. Of course driving without music and windows down all the time. I hope this is normal :)

Installation went very smooth as per the report. The Porsche Center were very impressed by the build quality, clear instructions, and ease of installation. They kept saying "it just fit in perfectly".

Thanks Stef for all the support you have given on this purchase. You have been of great help starting from your product intro to the installation itself. If you have more prospects in my area and need my assistance in any way (even to demo my exhaust to anyone), please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards

S. Jarmakani, Lebanon

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

Since I don't use my Turbo as a daily driver today was the first time since driving it home from the shop that I had a chance to have some extended driving time. Just want to tell you the exhaust sounds great !

What I like about the Europipe on my 997.2 TT is that it sounds very nice and civil inside the cabin. Throaty and exotic with no drone to my ears.

However, it must sound much more exotic and aggressive from the outside because I notice people turning around and staring as I drive by them on the street. Best of both worlds.

Thanks again.

S. Harwood, New York

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

My exhaust was installed yesterday, & everything went smoothly. The guys in the shop were very impressed with the fit & the craftmenship of the system. When I picked up the car I had it started, while I stood behind it. Then it started, the uncontrollable grin,as my Porsche sprang to life sounding like the world class sports car that it is. Around town & on the hi-way it is very civil, just as you said. But then...I engaged the sports plus and launched myself into a wonderful realm of singning Porsche sounds! Bravo! you are a maestro!

I am totally satisfied with my whole experience, from ordering, to you continuous up-dates and ultimately the sound & performance of the exhaust system.

All the best,

S. Leahy, Naugatuck, Connecticut

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

What you hear if you're outside the car:

1- Cold start: Very low bass rumble that sounds like a lion's threatening grumble but faster in pitch and deeper in tone. Quite loud if you're on the outside but never too loud to disturb neighbours.

That part lasts for about 30 seconds.

2- Warm idle: only slightly louder, volume wise, than the stock exhaust, but much throatier and with much more of a bass line to it, hinting at things to come when you're on the throttle. Think a tiger purring as if it were a household cat being gently stroked under the chin and increase the volume.

3- Normal partial throttle driving: very melodious sound that is about 20% louder than the stock system, but totally different in character. The pitch and frequency changes as the revs build from a deep guttural throaty sound to a rapid fire burble.

4- WOT driving: OMG! The only picture I can think of to paint for you is this: Think of a bunch of vikings shouting out war cries to Thor accompanied by a bunch of sirens singing out the turbo whistle with Thor's hammer finally coming down at every shift point to start it all, all over again!

You become addicted and find yourself lowering your windows, switching off your music, switching off your A/C and repeatedly flooring the go-faster pedal for short bursts while slightly angling your head out the window, all the while people in cars around you are looking at you as if to say WTF is wrong with this deranged lunatic!

All of the above is in normal mode. Engage Sport or Sport + and multiply the above descriptions by about 15 to 20%!

I went out for a drive with a bunch of friends yesterday. One of my friends kept pulling up beside me with his windows down, urging me on to floor it again and again shouting "I want to hear it one more time!" "I want to hear it one more time!"

What you hear inside the car with the windows up:

Well, almost nothing... That is until you go WOT.

Drone is on par with the stock exhaust, if not somewhat less in volume.

Partial throttle driving is on par with stock but with all the different sound characteristics described above (throatier, bass-ier, etc...)

WOT driving is about 20% louder than stock, but, again, with the same differences in tone and character.

In short, it hit the perfect wish list for me in every possible way!

I absolutely love it.

K. Abu Hamzeh, Kuwait

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

I went to Autowerks for installation today. Everything went very smooth. The system is great, and I really like the sound. It is just the way I expected. The technician even asked me if they could keep your tools. They loved it.

Thank you for the great work!

V. Wang, Toronto

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

Just thought i would let you know that the exhaust was fitted on saturday and how pleased i am with it. I think it transforms my car. it now sounds as good as it looks ! The installation went ok, the mechanic said the whole process was very straightforward and found your guide most helpfull. The quality and workmanship of the exhaust is excellent.

Many thanks

Jon L , Essex, United Kingdom

Europipe 997.2 Turbo

I installed Europipe last weekend on my 997.2 turbo and it sounds amazing. I heard another brand at a car meet a few weeks prior and it sounded like, well crap. There is no drone when cursing (55-80mph) but when you jump on it... It comes alive and not to the point where any cops in the area are on the lookout. Definitely meets every expectations I had.

No drone, exotic sound, and the beautiful sound of turbo spool

K.Varrone, New York

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

I just had my local indi instal the exhaust and it sounds great and fits perfect. I have to thank you AND Porsche for making such an exact product to fit so well. thanks again for making such a fine product. It’s refreshing to see.

Dan H, Preston, Washington

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

I had the exhaust installed on Monday. It really transforms the car! It's so much more responsive all around. The sound is beautiful and the turbo whistle is so cool to hear.

Thanks so much for all your help and for crafting such a beautiful exhaust system!

S.Haskell, San Francisco, California

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Just got it installed today. Mechanic was impressed with the quality of the construction. The sound from first start was amazing. Mechanic says sounds like air-cooled porsche. I haven’t been around enough of them to tell but it does sound very good to my ears. Very aggressive in a good way.

A. Lai, Hong Kong

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

This exhaust system breathes new life into the car. The car is much more responsive with a gentle tap on the throttle sends the car flying.

The exhaust tone was much louder with a lower tone and the turbo spooling noise is much more significant. Despite the louder and clearer exhaust tone, cabin noise is still within the comfortable region. The dashboard has no signs of rattling. Kudos to the engineering of Europipe.

I will definitely recommend to my fellow Porsche drivers to install this exhaust system as well.


Ivan T, Singapore

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Just wanted to let you know that I had my 2008 911 Turbo fitted with your exhaust a couple of weeks ago. I love the sound and am noticing improved performance at the lower end of the power band. Feels more responsive to the accelerator. I am very happy with the product and my mechanic was very impressed with the quality of the product.

Thank you again for having the product to me as advertised, on schedule and keeping me informed along the way.

Rudy S; Kelowna, Canada

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

I drove the car and I am very happy as the exhaust is:

1) Perfect sound of throaty and low tones and when you push it sounds like a Porsche sport cup series car!! Amazing!!!

2) Sound is not much louder from inside and you can hear the turbos whistling.

3) The low end torque improved as I spun the rear wheels accelerating hard coming out of a turn which I haven't done before. ( And temp was 38 C so road was sticky. )

4) The turbo boost seems to come on smoother and with less lag .

5) My wife says the sound is definitely improved and that says a lot!!!

6) The cars Dr Jekl and Mr. Hide attitude is exactly what a porsche should sound like.

I want to thank you for making such a great exhaust and now I know why everyone says Europipe is number one.

Last but not least , your service , and patience with answering all my questions is far beyond what anybody can expect and that just makes the whole experience from sales, service, quality product and outstanding commitment the best I have ever had!!!

Thanks for everything Stef!!!!

P. Trentadue, Concord, Canada

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

I purchased and have installed the Europipe EP1 about a month ago and I have 100% happy with my decision to go with EP. I cannot personally speak to any deficiencies of other brands other than to say that I listened to what the forum members have had to say and none (zero!) had anything bad to say about EP and or Stef. That meant a great deal to me and I wasn't concerned about the cost difference so it eventually became a no brainer. I love the EP1 on my car as it is not gaudy...still retains Porsche distinction while having a very noticeable change in tone.

K. Siegel, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

I am the very happy owner of a Europipe Stage 1 exhaust. I couldn't be happier. I am a bit of a DIY guy and was vacillating back and forth on whether or not to do the work myself. I replaced the exhaust tips early on and one of those bolts broke when taking that tip off. That was pushing me to have it installed locally by my independent shop. That was until the exhaust arrived. I couldn't believe the perfection. The box itself is a work of art. All custom and locked the unit down tight, no chance of damage. When I looked at the custom made tools that are included with the package I knew I had to use them and canceled my appointment.

I was after an exhaust that would wake the sound of the Turbo without drone and without my wife telling me she didn't want to ride in it anymore. Stef said to go with the Stage 1 and it is just what I wanted. No resonance, no drone, so rattles or vibration. At all. Spectacular.

Go Europipe! Thanks Stef!

P. Hamel, Sebastopol, California

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Just a few notes on my experiences with this product installed on a 997.1 tt:

First of all: Stef at Europipe was excellent to deal with, very competent and attentive. Emails were sent every step of the way, and delivery from Belgium to Chicago area took 4 days, even with our crazy weather. Top notch service.

Once the old stuff was off, the Europipe assembly went in smoothly and quickly, no issues at all, a perfect fit. The mechanics all commented on the high quality of the construction and especially the welding. Even the packaging was first class, very very strong.

The sound? Absolutely PERFECT!! It is loud and ripping when you want it to be, just a touch louder and deeper on idle, pretty quiet in the cabin when mildly driving. Rev it up and it screams. As this is my daily drive, I'm happy with the decision to go stage 1. The car runs noticeably smoother at low rpms and seems to have less lag. Altogether IMHO this is the exhaust Porsche should have designed and installed in the 911 tt.

D. Balassone, Chicago, Illinois

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Just to say, you are right about the sound (not noise) of the exhaust. Whistle and burps with “natural boxer howl”

I am really pleased with the look and the response it has given me. Truly excellent product.

Once again, Thanks

L. Annan, London, United Kingdom

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

I just picked up the car with the exhaust on. It's excellent! It's perfect for me, although I am surprised. :)

I love your devotion and passion to what you do. It's rare these days, so keep up good work and if you need me to vouch for you I can be used as a reference any time!

Best of luck to you and your business!

Thanks ,

Alex M, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Installed yesterday. The quality of fabrication, packaging, ease of installation, performance enhancement, and of course the fantastic sound, exceeds my expectation. I am extremely pleased I chose Europipe.

Thank you Stef!

J. Kish, Humble, Texas

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

I am happy with your exhaust system. This exhaust system breathes new life into the car. The car is much more responsive with a gentle tap on the throttle sends the car flying. The exhaust tone was much louder with a lower tone and the turbo spooling noise is much more significant. Despite the louder and clearer exhaust tone, cabin noise is still within the comfortable region. The dashboard has no signs of rattling. Kudos to the engineering of Europipe.

I will definitely recommend to my fellow Porsche drivers to install this exhaust system as well.

I. Tay, Singapore

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Wow!! just got my EP1 installed and what a diff compared to the piece of shit xxxx exhaust. Nice throaty sound when you get on it, and at cruising it just purrs without drone. I acutally look forward to driving again. You guys should teach Porsche how to build the correct exhaust for the turbo. Construction is far superior to all other systems I've seen. Keep up the good work.

G. Stavros, San Diego, California

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Exhaust was successfully installed today. I had to buy a new O2 sensor as one of the originals broke when I attempted to remove it. What a difference it makes!! Sounds fantastic and it feels like a different car.

A. Winner, Bedford, UK

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

The exhaust sounds Amazing . I am very happy with your product. Thank you for everything , you are a Pro.

A. Hzor, Sun Valley, California

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Today I installed my EP1 exhaust for my 997.1 turbo cab. I just don't feel that words are enough to describe how satisfied I am with your product. There were about 5 people in the workshop surrounding the box with my exhaust in and every single person was extremely amazed when we opened the box. Seeing those big catalytic converters along with the welds and the averall appearence of the exhaust everybody knew this was a really promising and unique product. Those tools that were also included in the box as well as the packaging itself show that we're really dealing with professionals. I was pretty sure about the result because it's my second Europipe exhaust for my second Porsche and for that reason I already knew that I would see an awesome piece of work. It took about three hours to install it. Starting the car for the first time was a unique moment. "Wow!!!!" everybody said with one voice. Excellent sound! It is very hard for someone to describe the gargling and throaty sound this exhaust makes. I took my car for a ride and this amazement I felt in the beginning has become an addiction. You just can't stop driving and playing with the gas pedal as you hear those turbos kick in much faster with a whistle I've never heard before! It really is an addiction! Under full load this scream that I hear is a melody to my ears.

Absolutely no drone at all may I add. I thank you very much for your assistance, for your excellent service and most of all for this excellent piece I was offered for the second time. I can't really imagine myself owning a 911 without a Europipe exhaust installed. Congratulations once again for your flawless product and for the service you provide.

Your big fan,

G. Tziotzios, Karditsa, Greece

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

My exhaust was installed today and what a difference! It sounds good and has a deeper tone. My turbochargers definitely spool faster. From inside the car I don’t detect any resonance. My next step is to have a friend drive my car so I can get an external opinion of the sound. I am really looking forward to that experience.

Thanks a lot for your patience. I feel really good about this exhaust and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quality system.

M. Shannon, Oakland, California

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Fit is excellent and the sound is just right for me.

The car is noticeable faster now, boost comes on earlier and tends to stay there.

Thanks for all your help!!

R. Bellihomji, Dralgonquin, Illinois

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

I just picked the car up last night, from the installation. It sounds awesome. I can't thank you enough for such a high quality product and the exceptional service and attention you deliver.

J.H. Klaasen IV, Denver, Colorado

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Hi Stef, I would like to thank you for the way you have handled my purchase of 997 turbo sports exhaust, from the initial equiry through ordering and excellent packing and delivery. I have now fitted the system, it took a couple of evenings as I cleaned everything whilst it was dismantled. The system you sold me was a perfect fit and the complete installation can be done by one person although a helping hand on removal and refitting of the rear bumper is useful to prevent damage. The sound is perfect, the spool up of the turbos is much quicker with added benefit you can now hear the “turbo whistle”! Thanks again.


D. Fifield, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Finally i have installed my new Europipe stage 1 exhaust, to be honest i had a fear that it would be too loud for my convertible but it is not. It sounds just right, it is difficult to notice the difference from the stock exhaust when the car is stopped, but when you step on it is screams like hell. It does not do any annoying sound at any rpm.


A. Milou, Cyprus

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

I took the car to the shop this afternoon and fitted the EP1. It took only 1hr 20 mins for two guys to fit the exhaust. The are very experienced porsche mechanics, having done countless exhausts installations in the past. We were all impressed with exhaust's quality, and that it fits like a glove.

The car now sounds like Porsche, it is very pleasant at idle, beautiful at normal cruising and wild at full throttle. Performance gains are immediately noticeable. Car is super responsive to throttle inputs, Tiptronic is more eager to downshift, pulls stronger, and turbos come alive much sooner. What else can you ask for????

I am totally happy with this modification, if anyone can call this a "modification", because I think this is how the car should have been in the first place.

Well done Stef, well done indeed.

M. Apessakis, Athens, Greece

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

The exhaust system is awesome! It was installed last week and I had about 6 days to enjoy it before leaving on vacation. The sound from the exhaust is much improved from the normal exhaust system. I can also feel the extra torque and acceleration.

Thanks for your help with this. I am enjoying it very much.

W. Storms, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Just had the new Stage 1 installed yesterday. As expected I opened the box to see a beautifully packaged EP exhaust that looks more like jewelry than an auto part. It's a shame we have to hide it under the bumper.

The fit is "made for Porsche" quality so install was uneventful. The tech that did the install said the quality of the EP exhaust is at the highest level.

Took it for a first ride today and the sound is amazing and I can hear the turbos spooling. Even my wife said "it sounds sexy". Have not had the opportunity to really open it up yet and I already love it.

Thanks EP team for such a great product. It is really a pleasure doing business with a company who consistently produces such a high quality product. Thanks Stef for being available to answer questions and making the order process trouble free. I'll let you know feedback after I get to open it up a bit.

Now on for a week and the sound is sweet. Really notice the difference in throttle response too. Couldn't be more satisfied. Many thanks again for the great product and support.

S. Agati, Little Silver, New Jersey

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

The exhaust has been installed and I picked up the car on Thursday. It's simply the best sounding exhaust. I also let my friend drive the car in order for me to hear the sound from the outside. It's just amazing, been driving the car all weekend enjoying the exhaust.

I would like to thank you Stef for all the support you have given on this purchase. If you have any interested customer in my area and would like a demo of the exhaust, I would gladly show them.

F. Macki, Sultanate of Oman

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

The Porsche dealer did the install with no problems. The car now sounds exactly as I wanted ( still quiet at lower rpm's but really screams when you get on it ). If it were any louder ( 2,000 to 2,600 rpm ) it would be too much for me. You can definitely tell this is where the drone zone is with this engine.

My biggest surprise was the performance increase. The engine just comes alive. Less turbo lag and more low end torque. Now, I also had the spark plugs replaced at the same time and we had a nice cold front come in w/ 50F temps. The car has never run like this.

Thanks for everything,

T. Rishel, Lakeway, Texas

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Just got back from my first drive and no problems or warning lights. As far as the exhaust is concerned I am extremely happy. Sound is great, no boom or drone, sounds as if Porsche made a turbo sports exhaust. Love the turbo whistle as it build boost and not sure if its my imagination but it seems to kick harder as well. On top all of that I must congratulate you on your customer service which has been simply first class to match your first class product. A real pleasure to deal with you and all the best for the future.

Many thanks,

G. Strachan, London, United Kingdom

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

I drove my car with the windows down and radio off for the 1st 3 weeks... I've had comments such as "the car sounds like a V8"... I love the turbo whistle even when no boost is coming on... I love the large cats that allow boost to come on much earlier... like you probably saw in my thread, I see boost coming on very early now, around 1800rpm...

I'm also happy to speak to any of your potential Australian customers if they have any queries....

V. Avramov, Queensland, Australia

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Installer, an independent shop owner with decades of experience, was not a believer in aftermarket exhausts. Says it is a piece of art. Quality materials, fit, finish and workmanship. Least obnoxious of any aftermarket exhausts he has heard. Did a plug change at 56K "while we are in there", and I'm glad he did.

If you like just a bit of sport in your sports car, this is how Porsche should have delivered the car. Stereo delete, add Europipe no cost.

Unless it is very cold where you live, I doubt even the cold start will wake neighbors, and lasts less than a minute. Nor is it likely to set off car alarms in parking garages unless you are misbehaving.

I am grateful to a friend for letting me and my wife do a sound test. A must, as video/audio clips are not a good comparison.

T. Adams, Cupertino, California

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

We finished the installation yesterday, it took us a little longer because the original exhaust was a bit difficult to come off (I recommend to take the intercoolers off, it's much easier this way) , on the other hand the Europipe exhaust was a breeze to put on, fantastic fit!! Now your exhauts ROCKS its awesome, the sound is PERFECT! its not really loud its more like music. I can imagine there was a lot of research from your side to get the sound 'just right'

Now the sound is just one side but the performance gain with the europipe exhaust is the most surprising thing. You can immediately feel the improved throttle response and the turbo boost comes on much quicker. The car is now super responsive and pulls much harder, much more fun to drive. I am very satisfied!!!

Thanks for your great service I will definetely recommend you.

L. Olinger, Luxembourg

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

I love driving the car with the new europipe, its like a new car :D

A. Moore, Silver Spring, Maryland

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

The exhaust is Porsche technician who has been working with RACE TEAMS for years says it is the BEST aftermarket exhaust he has ever heard on the car . That is high praise! Recently installed software and along with exhaust the car is superb.

K. Cavallari, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

The installation of the Europipe was very easy. My first impressions of the new exhaust are excellent. I think that the best complement I can make is that I didn't turn on the radio/CD for 5 days, I just listened to the exhaust note! It really changes the character of the car in the best possible way. You can be proud of the work you do.

D. Toledo, San Jose, California

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

In the garage, low frequency throaty burbling sound compared to stock, on highway driving civilized, I don't even notice in the cabin, and no drone. But when I jump on it, it screams. Also, I am convinced the turbo spools up quicker, and the car feels a lot snappier, it is a faster car now. Mechanics that did the install said they are sure the Europipe is better than stock in build quality. The fit was very easy, and instructions concise and complete. Tool set provided was excellent as well.

I highly recommend Europipe.

C. Allen, Bakersfield, California

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Just wanted to say thanks for the prompt delivery & the quality of my Exhaust. To say I'm pleased is an understatement, last night was the first time I've managed to drive the car properly & the difference it makes is amazing. I really am happy with it & without doubt made the right descision on buying a Europipe.

Damien, Bristol, United Kingdom

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

OK, so after only a couple short drives, your exhaust far exceeds my expectations. It is perfect for me. I'm an older guy so I didn't really want a loud type exhaust under routine driving load. The tone is incredible when turbo boost is applied and yet soft but not too soft under light throttle. I could not be more happy with it. My congrats on the best exhaust upgrade available. And, the supplied tools are over the top!

J. Franklin, Bellevue, Washington

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Was going to get a dealer to install next week however got impatient and installed it yesterday night. Awesome - sound is amazing, the tune seems to come alive. I went to a coffee and cars this morning and was showing the exhaust off. You may have some new sales soon.

Thanks for a great product.

A. Lambie, Edmonton, Canada

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

After a couple months of looking at difference exhausts and listening to a cross pattern and the europipe exhaust, I pulled the trigger on the stage 1 europipe. Stef at europipe was great to work with. Quick to respond, constantly providing updates, worked with me to get my exhaust delivered in time for a local meet. Top notch service from start to finished exhaust.

The exhaust was the standard amazing europipe top quality.

The europipe changes all aspects of the exhaust note. At idle, the stock note on my car had a moderate bass note but with a lot of metallic noises. When reved, it provided a rough throaty note but sounding like it was stuffed with sound reducing materials. Once you got on the gas, the exhaust had a singular nature that didn’t vary much. It was at times not distinguishable from the “super vacuum” sounds of the engine. It was a far cry from what I would expect from a car with a sticker price in the 6 figures.

With the europipe, the car’s note has been dropped at least one octave and maybe more. Small blimp of the gas under 1.5k rpms sends a rumble through the car that sounds like you’re sitting on a sleep giant. Give it more and the exhaust lets out guttural metallic yell that almost instills a sense of menace.

Once you get moving at cruising speed, the exhaust is very stock like in volume and tameness. No drone, just a nice rumble to give you an excuse to leave the radio off.

At full throttle up the rpms, the car again lets out a full guttural yell that carries to redline and finally gives this 500hp beast a voice that matches its performance and prestige.

At around 3.5k rpms and half throttle, the exhaust takes on a more exotic note that’s incredible fun to play with. I noticed that the sound is completely difference than what I hear when I go up the rpms at full throttle.

For performance, the power gains are limited as I don’t have a tune. However, the nature of the engine is definitely improved. With the reduction of back pressure from the high flow cats, the engine is much more eager to get through the rmps and gives a feel as if the car has shed some weight.

J. Bianchi, Lombard, Illinois

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

The new exhaust has been smoothly installed onto the car on last Friday, and I am really enjoying driving the turbo much more, for the fantastic sound, and responsiveness, enhances by Europipe. Your exhaust has really transformed my turbo.

H. Cheng, Arcadia, California

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Got it installed yesterday. It sounds great. Quiet at low RPMs, just loud enough at higher RPMs. Great sound. Perfect.

E. Kazazian, Rancho Mirage, California

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Europipe installed....everything you read about this exhaust is true, starting from the mechanics admiring the system on how well it's built, to them asking if they could keep the tools, to the sound it makes when the car is first started, to the responsiveness of the car when driven at "moderate" speeds and last but not least on how good the car sounds.

Thanks again for everything.

G. Turner, Chicago, Illinois

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Just to update you on my new exhaust. The sound is really really nice. Now it's a Porsche !!!! But I'm even more satisfied with the change of the car. The turbo kicks in at lower rpm. It's much much more alive.

Here you have another very happy customer.

A. Roldán, Madrid, Spain

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

The EP1 sounds awesome!! For some reason I expected it to be louder based on web clips but I think for my purposes this works well. Completely driveable. Was pretty impressed with the build quality! Looked too beautiful to be placed under the car!


F. Perez, Irvine, California

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

I had my mechanic install your exhaust last week. The install went smoothly, and I love the sound of the exhaust. Yesterday, I had a friend of mine drive the car so I could listen to the exhaust from the outside - it sounds AMAZING!

I definitely feel the turbos spooling a bit earlier and more efficiently.

I will pass the word along of your phenominal exhaust to other Porsche owners.

Thanks for making such a quality product.

V. Syers, Charlottesville, Virginia

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

The guys installed it Friday. It was easy with the tools and instructions. Well except for big hands trying to fit in small places. It took about 3 hours. Sounds great. Not too loud and the car performs great with the tune and exhaust. You did a great job of following up and have a really good product. The tools were unexpected and a nice touch too. Good job!


R. Whitlock, Colleyville, Texas

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Your instructions were extremely helpful. I completed the install in ~7 hours. Exhaust sounds amazing!!!!!!

Thanks again,

D. Barber, Honolulu, Hawaii

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1


Without hearing before, ordered one, installed today, now I cant believe I waited 6 months.

Can't say enough how great it sounds!

A.POVITZ, Québec, Canada

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

I got it all back together and fired it up and it sounds amazing. Sooo much better than the stock system. I am very pleased. I had no issues at all with the install whatsoever thanks to your detailed install guide. Thank you for making such a great product and thank you for your excellent customer service.

S.Grenier, Alberta, Canada

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

I had the exhaust installed two weeks ago at Champion Motorsports. The installation was a breeze; it took them approx. 2.5 hrs to get the job done, which they attested to quality and fit. They told me that with other custom exhaust they often have to spend many more hours “custom fitting” those. After the installation, besides the improved sound over stock, I noticed my car being noticeably more responsive in the lower RPMs range (1,600-2,000 rpm), which is a nice pick up.

R. Hogguer , West Palm Beach, Florida

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

Just a quick note to let you know i am absolutely delighted with my europipe stage 1.

It's been fitted a couple of weeks now and there is such a variety of sounds and it is really characterful. I notice it a lot at lower speeds, the deep growl when finding the biting point for first gear and then the whistling and barking noises are addictive!

As expected had no issues with any drone on longer journeys. And I have also been on a track day at Silverstone and had no noise level issues.

Thank you for your help throughout the buying process, especially measuring db noise levels. I couldn't be happier.

Gary T , West Sussex, United Kingdom

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 1

I just picked up my car from the shop after getting my EP1 installed. It finely sounds like a proper sports car, it's great. It's not too loud and I can definitely notice a performance gain, less lag. My mechanic said the fit was perfect which is what I expected. Stef was great to work with, as expected. Overall, another satisfied customer.

My mechanic thought it was great. Great fit, easy to install. He liked the sound too.

I can definitely tell the lag has been reduced. In the right rpm range it's non existent. In general it seems to breathe a little easier.

C. Welden, Austin, Texas

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 2

Just wanted to say the exhaust finally arrived!! I know you've heard this before but the fabrication and craftsmanship truly is amazing. I'm most impressed with the tips which look factory! Thank you again

Scott M, San Jose, California

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 2

Just wanted to say the exhaust finally arrived!! I know you've heard this before but the fabrication and craftsmanship truly is amazing. I'm most impressed with the tips which look factory! Thank you again

Scott M, San Jose, California

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 2

I put 700 miles on over the weekend "breaking in" in the exhaust, and getting a feel for the new stance - so here are my impressions:

1. I know it has been said many times on here, however, I'll say it once again; nothing on the web (videos, sound bites) does this exhaust justice. Nothing, period. And unless you hear this exhaust in person, next to other exhaust brands, you will not get a true picture on how refined this system sounds. It is truly above anything I have heard (for me, anyway, as I know exhaust note is extremely personal).

2. The sound in the cabin is not nearly as loud as I was expecting. I was expecting it to be a lot louder based on the manufacture comment "Not for Sensitive Ears". It is a great addicting sound, though - just not overbearing like other cars I have owned (at least until you hit WOT, then WOW, un-describable emotion!). Perfect for daily driving, and when the urge hits for a weekend "stroll", IMO.

3. The sound outside, however, is a different story. Great note, very audible turbo spool, and head turning presence. WOT is, once again, stunning.

4. Stef, at Europipe, is really, really great to work with. Answered my questions quickly, made sure I was comfortable with my purchase (EP2 over EP1), checked in during the build process, confirmed build and shipping, made sure it was being installed by a reputable shop and installed correctly, then confirmed that the exhaust met my expectations. The whole process was quite refreshing.

5. Can't do a Europipe review without commenting on the packaging, and care given into shipping the product... Pretty cool...

So after 700 miles, with some very hard driving, I am VERY happy with my purchase. Totally exceeded expectations, and worth the cost. Every penny.

I can not say enough about "auditioning" exhaust systems in person, before you purchase - it will save you a lot of frustration, cost, and headache (made the you tube audition process mistake when I put new exhaust on my RS4). EP2 was exactly what I was looking for - combining daily drivability, refined explosive sound (when called upon), and performance.

M. Larson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 2

Just wanted to give you an update on the exhaust that I purchased for my car from you. The exhaust is great. The car responds much better and the exhaust tone is the best I have ever heard on on turbo. 2nd gear breaks loose for a good length of time during hard acceleration. Also boost stays pegged at 1.2 during every gear. Did not do that before.

Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with your product and thanks for the attentive service you gave me.

J. Davis, Marietta, Georgia

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 2

It sounds amazing and I love how it has a unique sound that is not like any other exhaust in the market. I appreciate all your help and assistance during all this, I truly appreciate the support and great work done on the building of the exhaust.


M. Ali-Reda, Kuwait

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 2

I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with the system - the sound is great, absolutely no annoying drone or resonance and a beautiful noise on start and under load. The tech at the OPC said this system was the best manufactured system and best fit he had ever seen. He was also impressed with the assortment of tools you included and asked if he could keep them for his toolbox.


J. Brennan, Centennial, Colorado

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 2

Greeting Stef, thank for coordinating such a fast shipment of the Europipe Stage 2 exhausted that I ordered. It arrived today at noon and I have the local tuner did the installation right away.

The package is outstanding, the local installer was surprise with this high quality made exhaust. Fitment is perfect, they are using their in house tools for installation at first and realized it was kind of difficult to unscrew the nuts from the turbo. The complete tools required that arrived with your exhaust package came into handy; making the job much easier for everyone.

In fact, if I have the time I could easier do it myself with the great pictures instruction provided. The sound of the exhaust is fantastic, this exhaust barks between every shift. The sound is simply perfect and no sign of any low end loss.

Thanks again for your patient in answering my questions for years since I had my 996 GT2.


K. Wan, Hong Kong

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 2

Today is the second day with the exhaust on my car. I can't thank you enough for building an incredible exhaust for the 911. The first smile though came as soon as FedEx rang my bell. I don't know where to start from. In few words, the packaging was unbelievable. The tools, the bolts, the build quality of the cats and mufflers... For a moment, the idea of hanging the exhaust on my living room, as a work of art, crossed my mind. :-)

Then, I received the instructions by email. By far the most comprehensive step-by-step installation instructions I have ever witnessed. I trusted Dimitris Skandalis to install the exhaust. Everything went just fine. A Perfect fit, indicative of the craftsmanship.

First crank up and road test and I'm speechless... Flat-six acoustics that make your day! Head-turning sound but totally within my limits inside the cabin. Stage 2 perfectly suits my taste. Up to 3k revs the sound reminds me of normally aspirated 911s of the past. You can tell that a 911 is coming just by hearing the sound. Above 3k revs... Wow! Turbo whistle and amazing growl. I love the fact that the whole aural experience is 100% porsche, unlike other systems that totally alter the traditional boxer sound. Sound goes through various levels throughout the rev range.

Performance-wise, boost builds up much earlier and reaches maximum pressure faster. Low-end torque has significantly improved and although ambient temperatures here are in the 40-degree zone, the car pulls like crazy.

Overall, I am another totally satisfied customer. Congratulations for building a wonderful exhaust, and for providing a professional customer service.

Lefteris, Athens, Greece

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 2

The Europipe Stage 2 Loud Exhaust is without a doubt the best, high quality, high performance, best sounding exhaust made for the 2008 Porsche 997 Turbo Cabriolet. I was able to personally do the installation because of the tools, parts, and instructions that you sent with the exhaust system. The performance of my Porsche is fabulous, and the sound is "GLORIOUS"! The Stage 2 Loud is the perfect sound for the 997 Turbo.
Stef, thank you again for your consultation and great product.
Your Porsche Friend,

R. Ham, Newport Coast, California

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 2

The exhaust is on and sounds amazing. Completely changed the car.

Thank you very much.

T. Hauske, River Hills, Wisconsin

Europipe 997.1 Turbo Stage 2

I ended up installing the exhaust myself as I didn’t want to wait another few days J

It sounds awesome, thanks for the great product and customer service!!!

Jack V, Martinez, California

Europipe 996 Turbo X50

I just wanted to let you know that I finally got some time and had the exhaust installed at my good friend's Porsche workshop. It is exactly as I envisioned and perfect for what I wanted! The fitment was quick and easy, only about 1.5 hours from start to finish. The extra tools and turbo studs w/ hardware (just in case) are a nice touch.

Car now sounds like I think it should have from the factory, docile at idle and part throttle with lots of turbo whistle at lower rpms and then an aggressive but not obnoxiously loud exhaust note at full throttle on boost. The lag time with the K24's seems to have been reduced as well which makes it that much more fun to drive.

I even drove the car up a steep hill at 2,500 rpm in 6th just to see if it would drone and absolutely nothing.

Ralph H , Carson, California

Europipe 996 Turbo

Sorry that it has taken so long for me to get back to you with a short review of your exhaust. It is everything that I wanted, not to loud, no drone, just a wonderful sound and performance increase. It took me about 3 hours to do the removal and install. The system arrived in wonderful condition (great packing!!), and 3 hours later I was on the road!...Did I say I love the exhaust? I don't know what else to say except THANK YOU very much!

S. Morris, Forked River, New Jersey

Europipe 996 Turbo

My shop installed my new exhaust on Friday and I absolutely love the sound. It’s not too loud, not too quiet – just perfect.

The note is also more appropriate for a P-Car than the junk that I last had.

Thanks for setting me up with such a good deal and a great product.

R.W. Schumacher, San Jose, California

Europipe 996 Turbo

Let just start to compliment you on the craftsmanship of this piece of art…

Cold start: GLORIOUS, for the first 20 secs or so it sounds like a Ferrari and then quiets down to slightly higher than OEM sound levels, on the inside its just like OEM...silent. Once you blip the throttle though, the revving sound (specially under slight load when manouvering) it sound REFINED making the car sound what it is: a powerful 420 bhp supercar! From the outside this bliping action is a bit louder.

2000 to 3000 rev range: NO DRONE OR RESONANCE. period

WOT (from inside) Marvellous growling sound with Turbo's sound becoming present when changing gears and generally so discrete that even I could do with a very slightly increase of sound volume at WOT.

WOT (from outside) MEAN, LEAN, sounding machine if you accelerate on a narrow street people will quickly turn their heads but with a smile as its loud but not too much "in your face" sound (a lot less than a Ferrari 355 for instance)

Power: Butt dyno says the car responds quicker, makes slightly more boost (0,1 bar) @ certain revs and builds boost earlier on the rev band.

Generally, I have to say that this is THE exhaust and as an Automotive Engineer myself I'm even more impressed to see the craftsmanship but most of all the concern on separating the sound levels inside the car and outside the car. Creating this takes hundreds of hours and tons of knowledge making this exhaust a work of art.

Thank you Stef for the most than friendly customer service and for building Porsche owners such a an exhaust.

F. Santos, Porto, Portugal

Europipe 996 Turbo

It arrived and is on the car already. You guys are masters. It looked beautiful out of the box and you were correct it is perfect for a Cab. It is great dealing with a professional company such as Europipe. Keep up the great work. Thanks again for the help in making the decision and a great product.


S. Agati, Shrewsbury, New Jersey

Europipe 996 Turbo

After trying 2 different sport exhaust systems I finally found the right system for me.

Absolutely perfect for a street car in my opinion. No resonance at all. I use my car as a daily and at times need to speak on the phone.

If you want something more exotic sounding with improved performance, I think you'll really like the Europipe stage 1.

D.W. Brooks, Miami, Florida

Europipe 996 Turbo

I put in the Stage 1 and I have been very very happy with it, it sounds great, nice and loud when it is supposed to be.

I had a long discussion with Stef and he suggested i try it. Perhaps i am getting older but this is the perfect note for me.

The turbos spool much more quickly and the accelleration feels even more brutal than before.

J. Fitzgerald, San Diego, California